Sunday, January 8, 2012

Go Ahead...I Dare You

I'm back! I know you're shocked...falling out of your chair even. Lisa started blogging again? It can't be...she gave up on this endeavor long ago. Or did she?

Yes, I stopped but I didn't give up. I just took a little break and well, I miss this creative outlet. I miss being able to share my life and get all the crazy thoughts stirring around in my head into some sort of usable format. I have to apologize to my loyal followers. You cheered me on, you commented and encourged and then I just fell off the face of the earth last summer and you never heard from me again. I let life get in the way of living...which I am oft to do. I beg your pardon and hope you will continue on this journey with me.

I went back and re-read all my posts from last year. I had started this blog with the intent to follow certain posting guidelines; with hopes that the rigid structure of following a list (30 Days of Blogginess or whatever) would make me accountable. Um, not so much.

So I've been thinking about a way I can get started again. This time with the intent of using my words for good (not just an opportunity to promote a list of topics). I have recently subscribed to a blog called A Holy Experience. There is a challenge at hand over there. It's called One Thousand Gifts in 2012...Take the Joy Dare.

It's related to the book One Thousand Gifts ( A Dare to Live FULLY Right Where You Are) by Ann Voscamp. I haven't read the book but I know it's about gratitude and finding grace in your everyday life. The Dare started 7 days ago so I have a little catching up to do. What's really neat about this dare is that it can be words or images. So somedays I may capture my three graces with the camera instead of words.

I do believe that gratitude can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on your life. I need that right now. I am experiencing continuing (and increasing) physical pain. It makes me grumpy, grouchy and rather unappreciative of the things I should be counting as blessings.

So, in an effort to live fully right where I am (with pain, depression and uncertainty) I have decided to take The Dare. Will you join me?

Go ahead...I dare you!

Lisa's January Joy

1. 3 things about myself that I am grateful for:
1) I have a great sense of humor, 2) I have a heart for justice, 3)  I have nice handwriting.

2. A gift outside, inside, on a plate:
Outside: the sunshine! / Inside: comfy, attractive furniture / On a plate: lunch brought to me by my kids while in I was bed (with back pain)

3. 3 lines I overheard that were graces:
1) Luke telling his sister that he would stand up for her if someone was being mean at school.
2) Lily telling her dad is the best daddy in the wide world

4. one gift old, new and blue
1) the marble mortar & pestle given to me by my friend Todd many years ago
2) the Keurig coffeemaker I received for Christmas
3) the dazzling blue sky (love sunny winter days!)

5. Something I am reading, making, seeing
1) I am reading "Then Came You" by Jennifer Weiner. I like a little fiction now and then.
2) I am working on my 2009 scrapbook album. I hope to finish it on Jan. 21 when I go to a 12-hour crop.
3) I saw the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". Thinking about trying a juice fast.

6. One thing in my bag, my fridge, my heart
1) Right now I am very thankful for the pain medication I carry in my bag everyday.
2) In my fridge are two octopus given to us by friends. I am thankful for the opportunity to try making calamari at home.
3) There is much gratitude in my heart for my mother. She has been so helpul the last few weeks while I have been under the weather. I am so proud of her for being healthy and mobile. Truth be told: I'm a little jealous too.

7. Three graces from people I love
1) My sister has been patient while I have been a bit lax at keeping up with the phone bill. We are on a family share plan and I so appreciate her grace.
2) My husband gives me grace everyday. He navigates the stairs when I cannot and he showers me with compliments even when I don't feel beautiful or happy.
3) My brother-in-law often comes to my rescue at the office. We work together and he often brings me a little gift to make my day or buys my lunch when I have no cash on hand. My sister is a very blessed woman.

8. Light that caught me, a reflection that surprised me, a shadow that fell lovely
1) The sun so dazzling on this winter's day is making the whole house full of light.
2) The over-head projector used at church this morning. The mirror was turned out to the side and made strange relections on the ceiling. We didn't  actually use the projector. It was an example of out-dated technology.
3) While working my way out of grogginess this morning before leaving my bed, I noticed a lovely way of shadows across the bedroom wall. It made the wall looked striped but it was really the striped curtains blocking out the sunlight. Small pleasures in small things.

More later,