Tuesday, January 4, 2011

great expectations

So my first foray into the blogoshere wasn't so bad. Unlike some of my friends who are doing Project 365 photo blogs...I actually have to come up with words to fill my space...a tall order, I expect, on some days. The new year has brought with it a big batch of expectations. For instance: I expect it to be a better year financially, I expect the kids will behave better, I expect the house will be cleaner, I expect the laundry will finally be caught up. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I expect that so many things in my life will just magically get better after midnight on Jan. 1?

The back to school routine started yesterday and the morning was a total fail. We did not pack lunches, I did not send lunch money, He-bug (that's blogger code for my son) did not get his daily medication, She-bug (yes, you guessed it...code for daughter) was personally wounded that we left the house 15 minutes late and Mr. Bug (the hubster) was a bit behind on scraping the windows of the vehicles. All in all I was ready to walk back in the house and flop down...clothes, briefcase, coat and all...right in the middle of the bed and forget the day had ever begun.

So, being the industrious person I am, I only went to bed last night after making every effort to be prepared for a better morning. I expected it would be a better day. So when the clock went off this morning the first thing I did was spend a few minutes praying...asking for peace, wisdom, strength and the super human ability to smile while getting the slow poke He-bug & She-bug to get a move on! I am delighted to say that for the most part there was major improvement. We had our lunches already packed (no need for milk money since we packed juice pouches with lunch-yay us!), She-bug, the timekeeper, was very pleased when we headed to the van at exactly 7:10 and He-bug actually took his pill.

I expected the pill would work...only better this time. It's a new (bigger) dose of meds that help him concentrate and exhibit some form of impulse control. So far, second grade has been a bit of a challenge for him. At the doctor's direction we decided to start this new dose in the new year. From the beginning (which began near the end of first grade) we have been cautiously optimistic. The meds helped immensely in first grade...not so much in second. In addition to the meds we have had the healing prayers of wise people poured out on the He-bug. And, finally we see improvement.

Remember Monday's failed morning routine? He-bug missing his meds meant he struggled all day...thanks to this mama-bug's hurried post-holidaze. He didn't complain but when it came time for homework later than evening...there was a major melt down. Whining, crying and nashing of teeth ensued. This is not unusual. He-bug's meds wear out in the late afternoon leaving evening wide open for all sorts of issues...I am used to this struggle. Ok, maybe I had been used to it...but two weeks off makes a mama very forgetful.

So tonight when it was time for the dreaded H word, I expected there would be a similar experience to yesterday. I was plesantly surprised. He-bug brought his back pack to the table, took out his folder, separated the homework from the 3,000 other papers he brings home everyday and proceded to get a pencil. Then he informed me he would need a ruler to complete this assignment and promptly found one. The he sat down and completed the first four questions without any assistance from me. [insert amazed, glazed look from Junebug here!]

I expected the worst and got, well...nearly the best homework experience we have had in almost three years of doing homework. I presume the stronger meds are lasting longer and I have faith that He-bug is being healed...even if in little bits and pieces. I praised him 'til his little face turned red and planted as many kisses as a mother can on a squirmy eight-year old boy. I expect tomorrow will bring an equal if not better experience. Now that's a great expectation.


  1. Wonderful! What a great blog post. :)

  2. Heyyyy!! Was that a slam on us Project 365 photo people?!!! ;-) Personally, I could sit on here and come up with words all night long. You have the easy blog. Finding good photos is rough. Just ask Angie. 11:06 PM and she STILL doesn't have one posted! LOL

  3. Heyyy! Try having a photo blog AND a regular blog!! lol. Great post, btw!

    p.s. Bud, home internet down = no blog post. It's up now! :o)

  4. Good to "see" you and your bug family online! Love the names!