Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sneak a peak

There are a few little housekeeping issues I'd like to take care of here at Spinning My Plates.

I have decided in an effort to keep myself on task (and to avoid leaving my loyal readers hanging) I will commit to making a post every Tuesday. I am making no promises about what time on Tuesday but as always I will post a link on Facebook when the post is up. If you want to be sure there's a new post when you pop in, you should check in on Wednesdays :-)

And speaking of loyal readers...I hate to admit it but I need a little pat on the back every once in a while. I really appreciate all the comments I've been getting on Facebook but unless you comment I am not sure just who is out there reading my two cents on the world. If you are a regular reader or even if you are just checking things out once in awhile...would you do me the favor of becoming a follower? There's a handy dandy link located on the right side bar. That just let's me know who's out there...and that what I have to say actually means something to someone. You don't have to comment but at least I will know you're out there.

So, here's your sneak peak at this week's post: according to the 30 Day Challenge it's supposed to be Pictures of Your Friends. I'm thinking this might be a bit challenging for me. I'm not sure I have photos of everyone I want to list. But in any case, I will do my best.

More later,

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  1. I know how you feel - it's hard to stay motivated to write when you're not really getting much feedback. I came to the resolution that my blog is above all, for ME. Anyway, I'm following. I'm reading. And I'm really enjoying it! :o)