Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My "before"

So, we're on the way to the hospital. Stomach is a bundle of nerves. Not scared just anxious.

This is my "before" pic:

It's a lovely close-up of my no make-up face and no product hair.

As advised by my surgeon, there was no last meal. I was able to eat up until midnight but I did not spend the evening chowing on all my favorite foods. There was no chocolate orgy or sushi supper (sorry, Todd). I munched on leftover chicken fingers and fries. I fell asleep about 11 and promptly woke up at 2:30. I watched some TV and eventually fell back to sleep only to wake at 5'ish. I gave up and put the TV back on.

I am ready. As ready as I will ever be. I have been blessed beyond measure with love and support from friends and family. And I have been completely and totally open about my decision to have this surgery.

So goodbye before. Goodbye old way of life. Goodbye and good luck. Go pick on somebody else. This girl has a date with her long awaited transformation.


  1. So excited for you!! Much LOVE, prayers and quick & safe recovery!!!

  2. Proud of you Lisa...
    Looking forward to hearing how things go and how you are doing!